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Do you own a grooming, kennel, or training service for pets? Are you in the business of professional pet-sitting? If so, you will want to invest in pet business insurance if you haven't already. If some unfortunate incident happens while others' pets were in your care, you could be held liable without proper insurance. Likewise, if the pets damage your equipment or staff, you may find yourself dealing with expenses you might not be able to manage on your own. Many customers shopping for pet services will look to see if your business is insured before leaving their pets in your facility. Consider it this way: to most pet owners, their pets are members of their family. They want to make sure their family members are in the best care; if your business is really motivated towards pet owners, you will want to address their concerns by purchasing insurance for your business.

Pet business insurance can cover many different scenarios of what can go wrong in a pet business. You can get coverage for animals that are injured or escape while in your care. Most insurance companies will cover you if the matter goes to court, but will not provide coverage if the damages occurred due to negligence. So, in other words, the purpose of pet business insurance is to smooth over any hiccups in a well-managed pet company, not to cover up for owners that have unsound practices for managing the animals under their care.

Also, any pet insurance providing indemnity coverage has similar grounds. If you make an incorrect professional suggestion as to what someone should do when providing for their pet, you can receive coverage. However, if the suggestion was made out of incompetence or was deliberately misleading and malicious, you usually will not receive any compensation. In order to assess these situations, your pet insurance provider may require you or your employees to make statements in court to determine the nature of the incident.

Likewise, many pet insurance plans extend coverage in areas where you might already have insurance. For instance, you may have insurance on your building if it catches on fire, but very few commercial building insurance policies will cover the loss of animals in such an event. The same goes for auto insurance: just because the company vehicle is insured doesn't mean the animals riding in it are. Before you begin to look for pet insurance in these areas, it is advantageous to see if you do fall into the minority of situations where your existing insurance covers any pet liabilities.
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